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27 Apr 2020

Going above and Beyond during Corona Virus; Broomcroft House

Amazing staff leave to move into a care home to shield residents from Coronavirus

Staff at a care home near the Peak District in Sheffield have made the tough and selfless decision to move into their place of work during the remainder of the lockdown. Leaving their families at the start of April in order to continue providing the high standards of care and protect the residents as much as possible from Coronavirus.

Home Manager Luke Owens and 4 of his staff at Bupa’s Broomcroft House have moved into rooms within the home where they will now spend the day working and then eat and rest alongside residents.

When it was obvious Coronavirus was going to play a big part in the society Luke acted quickly to see who was able to move into the home. Luke Owens, Home Manager, Andrew Brown, Care Manager, Poppy Allison, Clinical Services Manager, and carers Steph and Elissa took the decision to move in, with those on back to back shifts also staying overnight to provide additional support.

With staff working around the clock to ensure the standard of care is maintained even if it means they get less personal time. Luke and Poppy have stepped into any role needed to ensure all governance and compliance is met whilst preventing infection where possible. This has further involved talking regularly with relatives and supporting staff.  It turns out Luke the Home Manager is an amazing cleaner.

Luke said “I’ve got an absolutely amazing team who fully support the best interests of the residents, they have shown they are willing to put the resident’s needs before their own. I am extremely proud of the commitment and desire that my staff show daily but even more so now we are faced with such a crisis.”

With the home providing care for the elderly along with those living with dementia, and residents with nursing needs or currently having palliative care they are within the most vulnerable group at risk. The home is taking all precautions to best protect everyone, with other measures in place, including PPE and visitors unable to come into the home.

 The bond between staff and residents has always been very strong but what is most recognisable is the dedication of everyone to support people with dignity and respect, with staff ensuring those in most need receiving palliative care have constant company, ensuring they get any wishes met whether that be listening to certain music or looking through photographs.

Clinical Services Manager, Poppy Allison, who is amongst those leaving two young children at home to move into Broomcroft House says “The appreciation and gratitude received by relatives of the residents in the care home have been phenomenal, I miss my children terribly but know what I am doing is the right thing in the circumstances. Having a daughter, aged 2, with a respiratory illness I knew that I faced a decision to completely stay away from the care home, having already been working during the early Coronavirus development, leaving them low on staff or move in to protect everyone including my daughter and family.” She continued “I couldn’t do what I’m doing without the support of the Home Manager, Luke, and Care Manager, Andrew, they have been there for me during every difficult moment and down day. I cannot give them enough praise for what they are doing, for all of us.”


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