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About Each Person

Live and breath your company values.

Positive reinforcement will encourage your team to do their best and show them that you value what they do. Recognition helps boost morale, which, in turn, can help increase productivity. We help businesses provide perks at work for their employees by showing them appreciation in an engaging way.

Our Mission

At Each Person our mission is to provide employees with the ultimate ‘feelgood’ package, wrapping up to 10% Epoints Cashback on their online shopping, in a great user experience, offering flexible and tangible appreciation for a job well done. We’re looking for progressive employers that are invested in looking after their people now more than ever. It’s the employees that keep companies in business and when they’re well rewarded they work harder, smarter and stick around longer.

No two employees have exactly the same interests and motivations. So it can sometimes be tricky, and time-consuming to do employee recognition right and find the perfect way to say thanks.

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Why Do You Need a Recognition Scheme?

Positive reinforcement will encourage your team to do their best and show them that you value what they do. Recognition helps boost morale, which, in turn, can help increase productivity.

Access to

Access to

We wrap up unbeatable savings with an all-around great offering you just can’t refuse.
With over half a million products and instant gift cards across your favourite brands, there’s something for everyone at Epoints. From Apple and Amazon to Nike and Nandos, Epoints has you covered.

10% Reward Budget Increase

Recognise more, for free, with a 10% reward pot increase. Each Person is the only platform that adds to your budget every time.

When you gift an employee Epoints to say thank you for your hard work, we increase it by 10% at no extra cost. For instance, you may send £100 to your nominated employee of the month. Each Person automatically adds £10 to their reward, making a total of £110, giving an even greater thank you!


As well as an extra bonus’ you can send employees Ecards and allow employees to nominate their colleagues for schemes such as employee of the month.

Showcase team and individual success through our streamlined and fully featured ‘nominations’ capability. Free up your people’s time by removing the admin involved with gathering nominations, selecting winners, announcing winners and awarding prizes.


Saying thank you for your hard work is the secret to creating an incredible company culture. Authentic, ‘in the moment’ thanks is proven to have an extraordinary effect on the morale, productivity and loyalty of your people.

Simple Reporting

See your company build its recognition culture first hand in real-time with Each Person. Not all rewards and recognition providers make reporting easy. This lack of reporting is partly due to the challenges of getting regular engagement across your workforce. At Each Person, we believe it’s our responsibility to give you total visibility of how the program has landed within your business

Wellbeing Hub

Help equip your people to deal with whatever life throws at them.

Health and Wellbeing are topics that your people need support on and we aim to help you do just that for your people’s overall health and wellbeing. Be it financial wellbeing, mental health or physical health our Wellbeing Hub is the perfect place for your people to easily access the information they need to navigate these areas. By supporting your people in this way you’re bettering their lives and building stronger relationships in the process which is linked with retention and employee engagement.

Exclusive Instant Employee Vouchers

Time is precious, so your people shouldn’t have to wait for days to get a voucher sent to them. With Each Person, you can to directly issue vouchers to your employee’s inbox in a matter of seconds. These vouchers can be redeemed both online and in-store in 30 countries across a range of 700+ major retailers and brands. It’s the ultimate convenience and brilliant way to say thank you for your hard work

Long Service Award

Show gratitude for employees dedication and commitment.

We’ve made it easy to celebrate the milestones and show your people just how valued they really are with our long service award scheme.

Employees want to be recognised, not only for the job they do but who they are as people. At Each Person, we make it simple to show employees how valued they are for their hard work and commitment by remembering important milestones such as birthdays and work anniversaries.

Employee Loans

Improve your people’s financial wellbeing

Take an advance on salary to buy products from major retailers whilst getting up to 10% back as Epoints Cashback each time.

Epoints is the only loan your people end up financially in a better position after paying it back. Your people are better off due to the huge Epoints cashback they get outweighing the low-interest rate that’s charged on the money they borrow.

The Sound of Satisfaction

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ll let some employees and employers explain what appreciation sounds like…