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Each Person is the recognition, reward and employee discount scheme, powered by epoints. We help businesses connect better with employees by showing them appreciation in a positive and engaging way.

 As a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), we offer businesses a free of charge recognition and rewards platform. Employees can use the platform to recognise each other with digital ecards and they can attach the epoints digital currency as a special reward. The recognition and rewards platform can also be used to remind managers of important dates such as long service anniversaries or birthdays. With its real-time reporting dashboard, companies can also use the platform to monitor recognition and rewards activity taking place within the organisation.

 Our relationship with epoints 

We are the only employee recognition and rewards scheme, powered by epoints. epoints is the exclusive shopping platform, which offers 10 – 20% off the retail price of major UK retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, B&Q, Superdrug and many more. With our discount combined with the retailers own discount, employees will enjoy typical savings of 30 – 45%. Through our exclusive partnership with epoints, organisations that choose Each Person as their recognition and rewards platform can offer employees free membership to the epoints shopping platform. Membership to the epoints platform is generally £24 PA for consumers directly.


We know how important it is to take care of employees. If they are recognised and rewarded, they work harder, they work smarter and they stick around a lot longer.

 We believe that each person deserves to be delighted, celebrated and valued every single day. We take every opportunity to make people feel better. Better about themselves. What they’ve achieved. And, what they’ve received.

 We reward, recognise and delight each person by giving them the very best retail savings online.

 Because…each person matters.

Introduced by the government under the Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004, a Community Interest Company (CIC) is a company which uses its assets and profits to provide benefit to the community or to trade with a “social purpose,” rather than to make a profit. An “asset lock” on such companies ensures that all company assets and profits are only used for its social objectives and limits are set on how much money can be paid to its shareholders.

We know that as many small businesses grow, they can often become more focused on profit rather than their social purpose. In order to reaffirm our commitment to improving the UK workplace and economy, we established Each Person as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in March 2018.

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